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What Does FleetTracker Include?

A blue icon the depicts a desktop PC and represents Fleet Tracking software.


“At a glance” dashboard can be customised  by selecting the appropriate widgets. Data within the widgets can be drilled down to provide a more detailed picture

A blue icon that represents a piece if paper with state and graphs on it to represent reports.


An extensive reporting suite allows access to reports as and when required, including the facility to schedule certain reports which can be automatically sent

A blue bell icon that represents alarms and alerts.

Alarms & Alerts

A comprehensive alarm suite allows management to configure alarms and be notified by email against key events such as speeding, entry/exit of geofences and more

A blue curved arrow pointing towards the right that represents 'share location'.

Share Locations

Share live locations and journey history with third parties to provide them with more information and strengthen their confidence in
your service

A blue magnifying glass icon that is used to represent 'Geosearch'.


An extremely useful tool allowing administrators to search by any specific location and timeframe to understand when vehicles have driven through

Vehicle tracking system geofences.


Virtual geographic boundaries which can be drawn to fit any location to record when vehicles have passed through or ended their journeys at the geofenced location

Two pins with a curved line connecting them that represents Fleet Tracking Journey Playback.

Journey Playback

Replay a vehicle journey to understand at a glance the snail-trail. Colour coded icons display true speeding events through regularly updated
'road speed data'

A blue flatline icon that represents Fleet Tracker assurance.

System Heartbeat

FleetTracker offers complete peace of mind by providing an hourly system heartbeat when the vehicle is not in journey, confirming the location details 24/7/365

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FleetTracker Bolt-Ons

A circle with '30' written in it to represent a speed sign and diver behaviour.

Driver Behaviour

  • Improve driver safety with
    driver behaviour analytics
  • Integrated road speed data highlighting true speeding events 
A circle shaped logo with a basic silhouette to represent Driver ID Fleet Tracking.

Driver ID

  • Associate journey data against individual drivers
  • Differentiate between business and private mileage 
A grey padlock logo that represents vehicle tracking remote immobilisation.

Remote Immobilisation

  • Immobilise vehicles remotely
    via any internet enabled device
  • Improve levels of security to
    your company vehicles
A grey icon that depicts a smart phone and represents fleet tracking manager apps.

Manager App

  • Mobile device friendly version
    of the Crystal Ball admin portal 
  • Access your assets from any internet-enabled smart device  
A grey icon that represents a fuel pump and Crystal Ball's fuel card data.

Fuel Card Integration

  • Upload fuel card data to the
    Crystal Ball admin portal 
  • Monitor, manage and save fuel across your fleet of vehicles 
A grey spanner and screwdriver crossing over one another to represent fleet tracking asset management.

Asset Management

  • Set reminders for vehicle maintenance; Tax, MOT dates etc 
  • Record vehicle expenses; service, maintenance costs etc 

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How Fleet Tracking Systems Work

A detailed diagram that highlights how vehicle and fleet tracking systems work.

Fleet Tracker FAQs

How does vehicle tracking work?

Vehicle tracking works by transmitting GPS location and engine activity data stored in a GPS tracking unit installed in the vehicle. The data is sent via a SIM card housed securely in the unit using a mobile phone network to the tracking providers data servers. The data is then either provided as live tracking information on a map interface or downloaded in report format.

Can I track my vehicles in real-time?

Yes, unlike some vehicle tracking units that require you to download the data once the vehicle has returned back to your offices each day. Crystal Ball's GPS fleet tracking solution transfers the data to our web based portal in realtime, so you can view the information as it comes in. 

How often do your vehicle trackers update?

To provide greater visibility FleetTracker updates in a number of ways. Unlike most GPS fleet tracking solutions we measure changes in three key areas:

  • Time
  • Distance Travelled
  • Change in heading

Finally the unit transmits hourly updates when a vehicle is not in journey.

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What's Included? 

  • Custom Dashboard
  • Comprehensive Reporting Suite
  • Bespoke Alarms & Alerts
  • Share Functionality
  • Geosearch & Geofences
  • Journey Playback
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FleetTracker Bolt-Ons

  • Driver Behaviour
  • Driver ID
  • Remote Immobilisation
  • Manager App
  • Fuel Card Integration
  • Asset Management
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Discover how our Customers are significantly better off with FleetTracker

trojan crates vehicle tracking system case study


“Since introducing Crystal Ball, the company has saved a total of 3,822 litres of fuel across a 12 month period. This equates to £4,777.50.”

Kevin Morrison - Operations Director
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DAB vehicle tracking system case study


 “We have noticed considerable benefits on efficiency, and our fuel bills have come down somewhat since having Crystal Ball in place.”

Phil Allen - Director
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ThyssenKrupp vehicle tracking system case study


 “Since Crystal Ball we have made savings everywhere, I really wouldn’t want to run this fleet without it now.

Steve Potter - Transport Manager
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