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Multi Award-Winning Vehicle, Camera & Mobile Tracking Systems

A single platform for all your workforce management needs



Trusted by thousands of SME's & local government



A single web-based platform for all your workforce management needs


Vehicle Tracking Systems

Reduce costs & improve productivity with FleetTracker. Used by thousands of SME's and local government.Learn More


Fleet Dash Cams

Begin protecting your fleet with Crystal Ball’s award winning fully integrated dash cam and fleet tracking solution.
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360° Vehicle CCTV Systems

Operate a fleet of HGV's? Prevent accidents, eliminate blind spots and save lives with a 360° Vehicle CCTV System.
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Lone Worker Protection

Do your employees work alone? Protect your Lone Worker's with Crystal Ball's Award Winning BS8484 App.
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Mobile Phone Tracking

Does your workforce operate on foot? MobileTrack provides full visibility both inside & away from the vehicle.Learn More


Field Service Apps

Optimize your field service teams with data capture & process automation from our field service apps suite.Learn More

What our clients say

ERS Medical Testimonial Image
Primo Drinks Testimonial Image
Motorhome Hire Testimonial Image

"We have been involved in numerous incidents since the installation of SmartCam and based on the video footage we have been in a position to challenge which party was liable."
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Rachael Collins, Project Manager
ERS Medical

“The driving data and imagery
recorded by Crystal Ball is precise and
verifiable. One incident alone has paid
for fitting the tracking and camera
system to the entire fleet."
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Brian Wright, CEO
Primo Drinks

“With such a high value fleet it’s
essential we have a tracking system
that allows us to monitor the vehicles, understand where they are and
how they are being driven.”
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Adam Davison, Team Leader
The Motorhome Hire Franchise

Reward drivers & offer incentives with league tables, statistics, trend analysis and more


Improve driver behaviour with league tables

Optimise fleet operating costs by understanding and tackling employees Driver Behaviour. Use key performance indicators to analyse Driver Behaviour such as harsh acceleration, braking, cornering, speeding, and idling. 

Discover How Vehicle Tracking Can Help Reduce Your Fuel Bills



Increase fuel efficiency  

Improve driver behaviour by scrutinizing bad performance and recognising good performance, in turn reducing fuel costs, vehicle wear and tear, accident rates and insurance premiums.

Drivers can monitor their own performance and scores daily through the Driver App to encourage improvement and engagement.

Learn how the Driver Behaviour System can add value to our award-winning SmartCam solution 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Crystal Ball apart from other tracking companies?

We're not just a vehicle tracking solution. At Crystal Ball we go outside of the confines of the vehicle, to give companies a 360 degree view of their remote workforce performance through our mobile phone tracking and field service management apps.

We remove the expense of having several dispersed solutions to solve the problems of lone working protection, vehicle tracking and field service management by merging them in one single easy to use workforce management platform. 

What type of data can I measure with Crystal Ball?

We provide reporting and alerting on all of the common vehicle tracking metrics such as speed, location, heading, journey history, driver behaviour, idling time, journey start and end times, Geofence passthroughs, plus much more. As well as these metrics, we can provide additional data through your employees mobile phone handsets.

These include, most of the metrics above plus, location, date and time tagged photographs,  digital signature capture, all mobile call and SMS activity in real-time. NFC time and attendance check-ins plus the ability to monitor and manage your lone workers welfare through our lone worker protection app

This data can be downloaded in report format and in certain cases email alerts can be sent when specific events take place.

What technology is Crystal Ball built on?

We use a number of technologies to track, capture, send and report on your data.
For example our Vehicle Tracking systems and Mobile phone tracking solutions use GPS satellite communication to track locations and movements, with GPRS and the mobile phone networks to transfer this location data back to our software solution that sits in the cloud.

We also make use of the latest Mobile Phone technologies such as NFC (Near Field Communication), built in cameras, and touch screens to capture time and attendance, photographic evidence and proof of delivery.