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A computer designed image of a fleet dash cam that will attach to a windscreen.


Multi Award-Winning
Fleet Tracking and
Cloud-Based Dash Cam

Fully integrated 4G fleet tracking and dash cam solution

Sends event generated footage to the cloud in real-time whilst offering full capability of Crystal Ball's FleetTracker solution

SmartCam Driver App provides driver identification, vehicle walkaround checks and driver behaviour scoring

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A statistic that highlights accidents are reduced by 53% after the introduction of dash cams.


A fact stating that the MET police reported 400 fewer collisions per month with dash cams adopted.

A statistic that states that drivers are 33% safer when using a dash cam.


Small blue camera icon that represents a 4G Dash Cam.
4G Dash Cam
SmartCam provides HD video recording quality. Event generated footage is sent to the cloud whilst also recording to the SD card

A circle with a pin in it to represent a location on a map for GPS Fleet Tracking.

GPS Fleet Tracking
At the heart of SmartCam is Crystal Ball’s integrated GPS FleetTracker solution used by thousands of SME’s & local government in the UK today

A small blue Android logo that represents a robot.

Android Operating System
SmartCam is a future-proof Android smart device offering innovative features and seamless integration with Crystal Ball's Driver App
A clipboard with a car diagram on it and a blue tick underneath to represent a vehicle checklist.

Vehicle Checklists
Daily, weekly or monthly vehicle checklists are performed through the Driver App to ensure a compliant and roadworthy fleet

A small blue badge/medal icon that represents Driver Behaviour recognition.

Driver Behaviour System
SmartCam measures 5 key performance indicators; speeding, harsh acceleration, cornering, braking & idling to calculate a driver score

A basic drew torso and head to represent Driver ID.

Driver ID
Employees can log in with their username and pincode in order to identify themselves and verify business /private mileage accordingly
An small blue image of a mobile phone that represents Driver Apps.
Driver App
The Driver App is available either on Android or IOS providing driver ID, driver performance scoring and digital vehicle walk around checks
Two blue camera icons that represent Dual Camera Systems.

Dual Camera 
SmartCam can either operate as a forward facing or a forward facing and driver facing dash cam, offering simultaneous recording 
A circular pin icon that is blue in colour and has SOS written in the circle.

Panic Button
SmartCam can offer an integrated panic button located within the vehicle, allowing drivers to trigger an alarm in an emergency
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Protect Against Insurance Claims 
  • Mid to high event severity video footage is generated and uploaded to SmartCam when there has been a significant change in G-force 
  • Event generated video footage provides FNOL within seconds to allow for rapid management of claims and minimal costs in the event of 'at-fault' accidents
  • Protect insurance premiums and your no-claims bonus and mitigate accident risk

Assess & Improve Driver Behaviour
  • Safeguard your fleet against 'crash for cash' scams
  • Educate drivers with event generated videos to improve driver behaviour
  • Where video footage has not been generated due to an insignificant change in G-force, this footage can be reviewed on the SD card 
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Digital Vehicle Checklists
  • Ensure your fleet is roadworthy, compliant and vehicle defects are reported and dealt with immediately
  • Allows drivers to complete their vehicle checklists from their smartphone or tablet daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Drivers can immediately take photographs of any vehicle defects which are uploaded with their completed checklist
  • The Driver App will store the last 3 submitted vehicle checklists in the event the driver needs to show evidence of a check being completed 
  • Each customer can bespoke the vehicle checklist to their own specific fleet requirements
Driver Performance & Scoring
  • Reduce costs
    Improving driver behaviour is integral to reducing overall fleet costs, including vehicle wear and tear and accident rates and improving fuel efficiency
  • Driver performance app
    Drivers can monitor their performance/driving scores, enabling them to perform better and rank higher within the company by focusing on the KPI's that require improving 
  • Identify driver trends 
    The driver behaviour system provides up to 12 months trends analysis, stats and league tables to allow management to effectively monitor driver performance
  • Reward drivers 
    By recognising and rewarding drivers the driver behaviour system is proven to encourage engagement and motivate drivers to cultivate a company culture of safer driving

What our clients say

Primo Drinks Testimonial image with Brian Wright the CEO in front of a company van.“The driving data and imagery recorded by Crystal Ball is precise and verifiable. One incident alone has paid for fitting the tracking and camera system to the entire fleet."

Brian Wright, CEO
Primo Drinks

SmartCam FAQ's

Does SmartCam also track the vehicle?

Yes, SmartCam integrates Crystal Ball’s FleetTracker solution, an established gps fleet tracking system used by thousands of SME’s and local government in the UK today. You can login to our web based admin portal and view the locations of your vehicles on our mapping interface, play back journeys, setup alarms/alerts and download historical journey or event reports, amongst other powerful functionality.

Are incidents automatically recorded?

Yes, when the vehicle is in journey SmartCam’s integrated accelerometer detects significant changes in g-force to generate video events. These are categorised into Medium or High Severity events dependent upon the level of g-force detected. Customers can also review footage from the internal SD card for any footage required outside of the automated events.

Can videos be viewed in real-time?

Yes, videos are sent to the Crystal Ball system over the mobile network and viewable within the admin portal and Manager App in real-time, unlike most dashcams available today which do not support mobile connectivity and only record videos to the SD card on the device. 

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