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Abbey Flyers can now effectively monitor the activity of their door-to-door delivery staff with MobileTrack Pro, helping improve customer service and underwrite a growth in its client base

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Formed in 2008, Abbey Flyers are an independent door-to-door distribution company. The business works nationwide, running area-specific campaigns through to large-scale national mail-shots. 

Products Used

Smart-Devices Used

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini,
    Mini 2, Fame 

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In 2013, Abbey Flyers felt it was necessary to re-evaluate its current tracking solution as it was proving to be inefficient and did not have real-time tracking capabilities.

In order to achieve a first-class customer service and decrease complaint rates, Abbey Flyers felt a live tracking solution would be a fundamental improvement for the business; enabling it to provide customers with peace of mind that their leaflets were being distributed correctly.

When searching the industry for a tracking solution, Abbey Flyers also realised that it required a solution that had the capability to track their employees outside of their vehicles, when on foot distributing the leaflets from door to door. 

The Solution

Abbey Flyers implemented Crystal Ball’s MobileTrack Pro solution in December 2013. With live locations displayed on a detailed mapping system, the mobile tracking application sits on a smartphone and allows administrators to track the locations of employees 24/7 whilst distributing the leaflets from door to door.

The web-based tracking portal also offers useful reports such as ‘snail trail’ data which can be used to provide comprehensive audit trails of journey and location history. 

The Outcomes

Since the implementation of MobileTrack Pro, Abbey Flyers can now effectively monitor the distribution of its leaflets and ensure all jobs are being carried out correctly; this has increased workforce productivity noticeably.

David Topham, Managing Director at Abbey Flyers has recognised a significant reduction in the number of customer complaints since implementing Crystal Ball:

“Since having Crystal Ball we have had very few reports of non-delivery, as a result we have seen a significant decrease in customer complaint rates.”

David also believes he has noticed an increase in the quality of customer service his business now offers:

“Having Crystal Ball has improved our customer service; we have had occasions where customers are concerned their leaflets have not been delivered. With MobileTrack Pro we can now send ‘snail trail’ reports to our customers to show exactly when deliveries were made and on which roads. We also now have the ability to show our customers where the distributors are in real time if they wish to see this. Since implementing Crystal Ball, our client base has grown and I believe that Crystal Ball has played a significant part in our success.”

"Since implementing Crystal Ball I have seen our client base grow"

David Topham, Managing Director


Additional Comments

"I have noticed a significant decrease in customer complaints thanks to MobileTrack Pro."