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What is Vehicle Tracking & How Will It Help My Business?

Posted by: Tara Singh

Date: 03-Nov-2021 18:44:29

What is vehicle tracking?

In their simplest form, vehicle tracking systems allow you to track, monitor and manage your vehicles in real-time. However, vehicle tracking has the capabilities to offer far more functions and benefits, including journey history, driver behaviour analysis, maintenance reminders and much more depending on your vehicle tracking solution. Vehicle tracking can also be used to prevent theft, provide reports and decrease costs.

Vehicle tracking systems can be implemented on a fleet of any size, and can track many types of vehicle, tracking systems can be offered on vehicles such as, but are not limited to:

  • Van Tracking
  • Car Tracking
  • Lorry Tracking
  • HGV Tracking
  • Truck Tracking
  • Plant Machinery Tracking
  • And more…

In this blog, we are going to explore the benefits of vehicle tracking and how it could help your business, no matter what kind of vehicle you need tracking.

The Benefits of a Vehicle Tracking System

We are often asked about how a vehicle tracking system could benefit a givenVehicle-Tracking-Icon-1 business? The answer is never concise. If you decide to implement a sophisticated vehicle tracking system, you unlock a wealth of benefits that can enhance your workforce’s performance, decrease costs and improve safety. Aside from, of course, being able to track your fleet and drivers in real-time, just some of the core benefits include:


Improved Driver Behaviour

Accountability and identification of drivers is immensely enhanced. Having the ability to track a diver’s exact movement and driving style can help you to identify which drivers need additional training and which need to be rewarded.

Instant Notifications and Alerts

With vehicle tracking, you can configure your device to send instant alerts in a variety of situations, including aggressive or harsh driving, SOS situations (with a discreet panic button) and Geofencing. Geofencing is a feature that allows you to set a virtual zone, and you’ll get notified every time a driver leaves or enter that zone.

Less Paperwork

Eradicate the need to fill out masses of paperwork in relation to your fleet as your whole tracked fleet can be managed digitally with a vehicle tracking system. Your fleet can be managed from a single app and website, allowing you to effectively collect and store data that eliminates the chance of inputting any errors!

Asset Protection

Although the primary purpose of a vehicle tracking system is to track your workforce in real-time, it also protects your assets from being lost or stolen. Vehicles will be tracked no matter where they are, meaning that you will always be aware of their location, exactly where they have traveled, and at what times.

Reduced Fuel Costs

No matter what form of vehicle you are tracking, whether that’s HGVs, lorries or vans, vehicle tracking will allow you to decrease your fuel costs by reducing fuel consumption and increasing fuel efficiency. There are a number of ways to achieve this goal, including:

  • Improving driver behaviour ­­­– by eradicating speeding, idling and aggressive practices.
  • Advanced route planning – by setting the most fuel-efficient route, avoiding delays and dispatching the nearest driver to each job.
  • Regular maintenance – vehicle tracking systems send automated repair and maintenance alerts, meaning your vehicle will always be operating as efficiently as possible.

Insurance Discounts

Many insurance firms will offer cheaper insurance cover for fleets that have a vehicle tracking system implemented, as they can have greater confidence that your vehicle is strongly protected, offering you further savings on costs.

Improved Productivity

Of course, all of the above combines to create a higher level of productivity, not just from a driver perspective, but from a business perspective. Tasks that may have been manual will now all be automated, freeing up staff to focus on other business operations and allowing drivers to help build the business’ reputation by improving their driving, and ultimately, your product or service.

If you want to learn more about our vehicle tracking, then please visit us here. We also offer a fully integrated 4G dash cam with vehicle tracking, which is our most sophisticated system that offers enhanced functions and features to help you manage your workforce expertly. To find out more about SmartCam then join us here, or view our in-depth SmartCam blog entry!

You can also contact us here, no matter the query one of our friendly team will always be happy to help.

Tara Singh

Written by Tara Singh

Tara is part of the Digital Marketing Team at Crystal Ball. She frequently blogs about the latest news and tips for running a productive and efficient mobile workforce.

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