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Welcome to the all new Crystal Ball blog

Posted by: Adam Casey

Date: 22-Aug-2011 17:26:00

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It's been a long time in the making but finally CrystalBall has it's very own blog. We finally have a voice with which to help, educate and enlighten our website visitors to the benefits of GPS tracking.

So what can you expect to see here over the coming weeks, months and years?

Well we decided to really get to grips with first educating non customers and secondly helping our current customers to extract the most amount of actionable business data from Crystal Ball's tracking solutions. So to begin with our content will be a mix of helpful tips and tricks when using our tracking software, useful user guides to driving down the costs of you fleet, as well as important updates on the latest technology break throughs in the Telematics industry. 

But most importantly we want to open up the communication channels with our website visitors and current customers. So don't be shy, make sure you say hello , we want you to use our blog to pick the brains of our friendly support staff and developers.

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Leave us a comment below and let us know what you'd like to hear about in our coming blog posts...

Adam Casey

Written by Adam Casey

Adam is part of the Digital Marketing Team at Crystal Ball. He frequently blogs about the latest news and tips for running a productive and efficient mobile workforce.

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