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A Fully Integrated Fleet Tracking & 4G Dash Cam Solution – SmartCam

Posted by: Tara Singh

Date: 01-Oct-2021 15:53:00

SmartCam 4G is the latest development from Crystal Ball that has been expertly designed to future-proof your fleet and driver management.
SmartCam integrates both fleet & vehicle tracking and a 4G dash cam in one Smart Android powered unit that possesses a wealth of technology, features, and functions.

SmartCam’s Key Features

With SmartCam, you are unlocking huge potential to improve your services, driver behaviour, and to save massively on both certain and potential costs. The fully integrated vehicle tracking system mitigates the need to utilise multiple different devices, services or outdated Blackbox technologies that you would previously have to use just to track your fleet as coherently and effectively as SmartCam can.

Some of the core features included in SmartCam are:

  • 4G Dash Cam – SmartCam will provide event generated footage sent to the cloud which also records on an SD card.
  • GPS Fleet Tracking – Of course, at the heart of SmartCam is our GPS Fleet Tracker solution.
  • Android Operating System – This is what makes SmartCam so Smart. The Android operating system allows for future-proofing and integration with Crystal Ball App’s.
  • Dual Camera – Our SmartCam 4G Dash Cam can be both forward and driver facing, allowing you further reassurance regarding road traffic incidents and driver behaviour.
  • Panic Button – SmartCam can offer an integrated panic button within the vehicle for drivers to trigger an alarm in an emergency, protecting your workforce.

Digital Vehicle Checklists

A potential lifesaving feature is the ability to complete Vehicle Checklists eitherVehicle Checklist driver app daily, weekly or monthly via The Driver App that integrates with SmartCam. The Driver App will allow drivers to complete a walk around vehicle checklist as well as immediately take photographs of vehicle defects that can be uploaded with their completed checklists. The Digital Vehicle Checklist will enable you to identify drivers responsible for any vehicle damage as well as create your own personalised checklist that can be specific to your tracked vehicles.

Driver Behaviour System

SmartCam’s integrated Driver Behaviour Systems tracks specific KPI’s, including speeding, acceleration, cornering, braking, and idling to reward, monitor and score your tracked fleet and drivers. Improving driver behaviour is vital to reducing fleet costs, including vehicle wear and tear, improving fuel efficiency and decreasing accident rates. Your driver can even track their own performance via the Driver Performance App, enabling them to act upon current scores and work towards the set KPI’s.

SmartCloud: Real-Time Footage

One of the main components of SmartCam is its 4G Dash Cam. The 4G Dash Cam works by capturing mid to high severity footage based on significant changes in G-force and uploads these captures instantly. This means that event generated footage provides FNOL within mere seconds to allow for rapid management of claims. Footage can also be used to educate your drivers and improve driver behaviour, avoiding further road related incidents and protecting your workforce.

Integrated FleetTracker Technology

As mentioned, the core of SmartCam is our FleetTracker technology that provides you with a wealth of tools allowing you to track your vehicles and workforce precisely. The key features of SmartCam’s Fleet Tracking capabilities include:

  • Live Mapping – Through our very own portal, you can track your fleet in real-time on a live map and see which vehicles are in journey, idling or stationary.
  • Geofences – Geofences allow you to set custom virtual boundaries which can be drawn to fit any specific location to record when vehicles have passed through or began/ended their journeys.
  • Alarms & Alerts – You have the ability to configure and personalise when an alarm triggers due to a certain event. Events could include speeding or entry/exit of Geofences.
  • Journey Playback - this vehicle tracking functionality displays ‘snail-trail’ data that highlights the path of tracked vehicles, as well as using colour coded icons to display specific events.
  • Reports - Access a suite of reports, reports can also be set to be generated and sent to recipients at predetermined times.
  • Share - Locations and journey history of your tracked vehicles can be shared with third parties to provide them with enhanced visibility and strengthen their confidence in your service.

We strive to provide our customers with the simplest yet most sophisticated solution to their vehicle tracking and 4G dash cam needs and requirements. If you want to learn more about SmartCam then please click here or if you want to get in touch then please contact us and one of our friendly team will be more than happy to help, no matter the enquiry.

Tara Singh

Written by Tara Singh

Tara is part of the Digital Marketing Team at Crystal Ball. She frequently blogs about the latest news and tips for running a productive and efficient mobile workforce.

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