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A comprehensive guide to lone working

Posted by: Tara Singh Date: 18-Jan-2018 15:14:38


The number of people working alone is rising, and isolated work is becoming more frequent. People who work alone are generally more vulnerable and are working at a higher perceived risk.

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Assessing Risk for Lone Workers

Posted by: Tara Singh Date: 03-Dec-2014 09:00:00

How do you keep your staff safe?

And how can you demonstrate that you are meeting your ‘duty of care’?

Crystal Ball’s MobileLWP plays a vital role for many of our customers – from security guards to LGV drivers and Field Service Engineers to Domiciliary Healthcare workers.  MobileLWP helps employers meet their duty of care and helps keep staff safe.  But where does it fit within your responsibilities as an employer?

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Lone Worker Glossary of Terms

Posted by: Tom Atkinson Date: 20-Aug-2012 11:45:00

There are over 4 million lone workers in the UK who rely on their own intuition and skills to avoid any danger, or hazards, which may occur during their working day.

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Health & safety events UK - March 2012

Posted by: Adam Casey Date: 05-Mar-2012 15:02:00

Check out the lone working events going on across the UK over the next three months:

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