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What is the Manager App?


Two smartphones showing different features of Crystal Ball's manager app.


  • View video events immediately as soon as they are recorded*
  • Select individual or all assets to view their current location, speed, heading information  
  • View historical journey data showing start and end locations, time at site and distance travelled
  • Replay a vehicle journey to understand at a glance the route taken. Colour coded icons clearly display journey status along with true speeding events
  • Remotely immobilise a vehicle quickly with one click**
  • Get directions to a device using your current location
  • Call a tracked mobile device with one click

    * Only available with SmartCam
    ** Only available with FleetTrackers Remote Immobilisation bolt-on 

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Manager App FAQs

Are all Crystal Ball solutions compatible with the Manager App?

Yes, FleetTracker, SmartCam, MobileTrack and MobileLWP are all compatible with the Manager App. Vehicle, employee, and lone worker locations can all be viewed through the Manager App, as well as videos generated by SmartCam, our 3G
HD video and fleet tracking solution. 

Can I view historical data within the Manager App?

Yes, the Manager App allows users to review Journey History and Video History. Within the app, users can view an assets snail-trail for a specific journey, showing start and end locations as well as colour-coded icons displaying the vehicles speed and any road speed limit enfringements. If users have our SmartCam solution, video history can also be viewed showing all videos generated for a specific time frame.

Can I immobilise a vehicle from the Manager App?

Yes, if you have FleetTracker's Remote Immobilisation bolt-on then you will be able to quickly and conveniently immobilise a vehicle with one click from the Manager App whilst stationary. This functionality offers an increased level of vehicle security.

Discover how our Customers are significantly better off with Crystal Ball

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“The Manager App is extremely convenient for us, we can now remotely access Crystal Ball when out of the office. This is particularly useful on a weekend if we get an email alert notifying us of vehicle movement." 
Steven Wrest - Director 
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“We have noticed huge benefits since having Crystal Ball. It makes us more transparent as a business and allows us to present KPI reports to potential clients with hard evidence to support them.”

James Hearty - Transport Manager
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“Since implementing Crystal Ball we have noticed a significant reduction in external telephone calls being made, we can now quickly identify engineer locations and understand who is closest to a job.”

George Buchanan - Head of Engineering
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