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What is Fuel Card Integration?

A desktop PC with Crystal Ball's edit fuel transaction feature loaded up.


        • Enables Fleet Managers to gain maximum control over fuel costs 
        • Ensures complete visibility of a company's fuel spend
        • Allows Fleet Managers to calculate accurate fuel costs and fuel consumption to monitor and reduce future expenses
        • Allows for more accurate reporting
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Fuel Card Integration FAQs

Why do I need Fuel Card Integration?

FleetTracker's Fuel Card Integration allows Fleet Managers to gain complete control over fuel costs and help to reduce fuel useage. Having both tracking and fuel card data on the same platform allows for more accurate calculations to be made and improves the accuracy of reporting.

How do I upload fuel card data to the Crystal Ball admin portal?

Within the Fuel Transaction area of the admin portal an excel template is provided to allow administrators to upload fuel card data in the correct format. Once data has been uploaded administrators save the information and automatic calculations based on the data are performed.

What can be calculated from the fuel card data?

Fuel Transaction data can automatically calculate; Fuel Cost (pence per litre) and Consumption.
To do this it uses the following data:
a) Total distance (provided from tracking data covering the same time period)
b) Total litres (provided from fuel transaction data)
c) Total cost (provided from fuel transaction data)

Discover how our Customers are significantly better off with Crystal Ball

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“Since introducing Crystal Ball, the company has saved a total of 3,822 litres of fuel across a 12 month period. This equates to £4,777.50.”

Kevin Morrison - Operations Director 
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“We have noticed considerable benefits on efficiency, and our fuel bills have come down somewhat since having Crystal Ball in place.”

Phil Allen - Director
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With Crystal Ball we have increased efficiency, lowered fuel costs, and identified many cost-cutting opportunities.”

Dave Perry - General Manager

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