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What is Driver ID?



A desktop PC with Crystal Ball's Driver Timesheet on the screen.


        • Improves Driver Behaviour - monitors individual driver behaviour, promoting responsible, safe and more fuel efficient driving
        • Reduces administrative workload - timesheets can be scheduled to be delivered as and when required 
        • Highlights driver performance - speeding instances, accidents, and other motoring offences are allocated against the correct driver
        • Improves productivity - provides accurate time and journey data against the individual driver, making your fleet easier to manage
        • Improves security - the dallas key and reader can act as a secondary immobiliser, meaning the vehicle will not start until the two are paired*

          * Additional feaure
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Driver ID FAQs

Why do I need Driver ID?

Driver ID is an important FleetTracker feature if your employees use different company vehicles on a regular basis as it allows for accurate driver journey reporting. Driver ID is also a useful feature if you wish to report against business and private mileage.

How do the drivers identify themselves?

Employees are assigned uniquely coded dallas keys, each driver must tap their key against the reader fitted to the steering column of the vehicle. This then pairs them to the vehicle and journey data is accuratley recorded against
that particular driver.

Can I use the dallas keys to differentiate between business and private mileage?

Yes, drivers can be assigned two seperate dallas keys, one labelled business, the other private. Drivers must tap the corresponding key to record the relevant journey type. Private/business mileage will then be accurately recorded. 

Discover how our Customers are significantly better off with Crystal Ball

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“Crystal Ball’s vehicle tracking solution is far superior to our previous system. It has proved its reliability and the customer service is fantastic, as promised. I would definitely recommend Crystal Ball to other businesses.”
Andy Fowell - Logistics Manager 
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"Prior to having Crystal Ball, we did not have a system in place that could enable us to differentiate between business and private mileage. Now that we do, we have noticed a decrease in costs. Crystal Ball is certainly a money-saving tool."

Andy Pears - Welding Manager
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“Crystal Ball has increased the level of customer service we can offer as we are now able to provide customers with ETA's and location updates.”

Dave Perry - General Manager
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