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Crystal Ball apps now compatible on Android

Posted by: Martin Boffey

Date: 13-Sep-2011 15:25:00

Android trackingMobile News, 13 Sept 2011

GPS tracking solution for lone workers is now fully compatible with operating system, with company also signing deals with O2 Centre of Excellence partners and Orange principal partner.

GPS tracking service provider Crystal Ball has made its lone worker protection (LWP) and tracking applications fully compatible with the Android operating system (OS).

Crystal Ball’s solutions were already compatible with Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Symbian operating platforms. The company is also intending to integrate the upcoming Windows Phone Mango OS, later this year.

Its products, which include Mobile Track, Mobile LWP and Mobile Monitor, are now fully compatible across all Android OS powered devices.

Crystal Ball managing director Raj Singh (pictured) said: “The business mobile market in the UK is already seeing a substantial increase in demand for smartphones using the Android platform, and it was essential Crystal Ball had all its mobile applications compatible with Android 2.0 and above.

“This offers significantly more business opportunities for businesses to promote Mobile Track, LWP and Monitor to a greater number of their customers.”

Crystal Ball has also signed deals with O2 Centre of Excellence dealers Purecom and Davison Communications, as well as Orange principal partner Voice Mobile, for the trio to be able to sell the company’s solutions to their customers.

Purecom managing director Matt Sandford added: “It’s an area we’ve looked at moving into for a while and we have had discussions with a few suppliers. Following that process, Crystal Ball was the clear winner because the product is very easy to use.”

Davison Communications managing director Georgie Gardiner said: “The product is very exciting, current and is what is needed to refresh this industry. It is a comprehensive solution, and we have an existing base that will certainly benefit from this immediately.”

Voice Mobile managing director Ian Watson said: “Our customers can definitely benefit from Crystal Ball’s product. We’ve tested it and we’ve introduced it to a few customers who are also impressed with it.  We want to be able to offer more products and services to our customers, so this deal is a good fit for us.”

Written by Martin Boffey

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