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Crystal Ball debuts call tracking bolt-on

Posted by: Stuart Ramwell

Date: 03-Aug-2010 21:50:00

3 August 2010 - source: mobile news

Tracking firm Crystal Ball makes real-time records of staff calls and texts available to employers for first time. Tracking provider Crystal Ball has added a handset monitoring bolt-on to its mobile application that, it claims, allows customers for the first time full sight of all call and text activity on tracked handsets.

The Mobile Monitor bolt-on reports in real time on all call and text information, including detail of all dialled calls, received calls and missed calls, with date, time and location stamps. It records full content of all sent and received text messages. It also allows employers to set up email alerts to users making or receiving calls or texts to specific numbers.

Mobile Monitor delivers detailed management reports about handset usage in Excel, PDF or email format as well.

Crystal Ball managing director Raj Singh (pictured) said: "In 25 years of mobile, the situation exists where businesses and individuals can receive an itemised bill from network operators with information of outgoing calls and text messages; once a month, normally two-to-three weeks after the month-end.

"With Mobile Monitor, you can see every outgoing call and text, every incoming call and text, the duration of calls, all missed calls, plus the content of text messages. In real time.

"Customers can interrogate and filter that information as they wish, and request to be alerted about certain activity. It gives employers full sight of mobile usage and productivity of staff."

The Mobile Monitor bolt-on works alongside Crystal Ball's Mobile Track GPS handset tracking and lone worker application.

Mobile Track is a downloadable application, compatible with Windows and Symbian handsets. It is to run on BlackBerry and Android devices in the next weeks, also.

Customers can retrieve from it real-time reports of the whereabouts and activity of handsets, and gauge also vehicle activity. Crystal Ball reckons the solution works as a formidable alternative to vehicle tracking, and the installation of 'black boxes', giving employers some engine information and full detail of staff productivity on the road.

The basic Crystal Ball application also tracks users when they leave the vehicle, and integrates a lone worker function that can be linked to Sitex Orbis' alarm receiving centre.

Users can punch a button on the application to raise an alert. The command sends a text message containing GPS coordinates of the handset. At the same time, an alarm call is initiated, either with Sitex Orbis or some internal function, as prescribed by the customer according to the hazardousness of the work.

The lone worker solution incorporates session alerts too, so lone workers can be required to check in at intervals, and an appropriate response can be taken if they fail.

Crystal Ball's trio of handset tracking, lone worker and call monitoring services address employers' increased 'duty of care' obligations with tightening regulation and legislation, besides allowing ways to improve efficiencies within workforces.

Mobile Track is available from £6.94 per month, per handset. Monitor is available as a bolt-on to the tracking service from £2.77 per month. They require the user to take a relevant data bundle with their airtime contracts.

Written by Stuart Ramwell