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Crystal Ball launches 'deal winner' Mobile Monitor

Posted by: Stuart Ramwell

Date: 05-Sep-2010 21:47:00

5 September 2010

Crystal Ball's revolutionary 'Mobile Monitor' app has now been launched as a 'stand alone' product in addition to being offered as a 'bolt-on' with 'Mobile Track'. Mobile Monitor gives 'full sight' records of all sent, received and missed calls, and the full content of all sent and received texts. All this information can be viewed in real time and on demand, and is all time and date stamped. Mobile Monitor also provides detailed management reports in either Excel or PDF format, with the ability to filter the data.

Mobile Monitor is now available as a 'stand alone' product from just £2.77 per month, or as a bolt-on to Mobile Track. Users need to ensure they have a data bundle with their airtime contracts, alongside a supported handset, which does not need to have a gps receiver.

Mobile Monitor is an over the air download app, currently compatible with Windows 6.1 and 6.5 professional and Blackberry OS 5.0 based handsets. Mobile Monitor will also be compatible with Symbian operated handsets in a matter of weeks, which will extensively broaden the range further. The Android platform will be added to the range in Q4 along with Blackberry OS 6.0, which will include the eagerly anticipated Blackberry Torch.

Crystal Ball managing director Raj Singh said: "The people that I've shown this to have just been blown away by it. In fact I've heard it said that "this is the best business app on the market". It hasn't just got the 'X' factor, it's got the 'wow' factor too, particularly when it's being demonstrated. But perhaps more than this, Mobile Monitor isn't network or tariff dependent. Therefore, it can be sold to ANY customer, yours or someone else's. It's a great lead product, a sprat to catch a mackerel, a deal closer, a USP over the competition."

"All our partners have 'got it' already, the way they can use Mobile Monitor to win new business and retain existing customers. Mobile Monitor is one of those unique products that doesn't come along very often, but when it does it makes a lot of noise and needs to be grabbed straight away."

Written by Stuart Ramwell

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