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Crystal Ball predicts the future with 'freedom'

Posted by: Stuart Ramwell

Date: 02-Feb-2010 17:44:00

2 February 2010

Crystal Ball has launched a unique 'no contract' vehicle tracking proposition called 'freedom'. With 'freedom', there is no notice period and no termination penalties for the customer. The proposition was designed specifically to tackle the difficulties businesses are facing today with the current economic climate, and the lack of funding available. 'freedom' offers the customer complete flexibility without any onerous commitments and is payable quarterly. Crystal Ball believe this will give their resellers a significant competitive edge and the opportunity to increase revenues and achieve maximum penetration, into this fast growing market.

In addition to 'freedom', Crystal Ball offers very competitive purchase and three year lease options, that pay up to £375 commission to the reseller per vehicle. The tariffs start from as little as £8 per month, dependent upon the functionality required.

Crystal ball is a genuine web based tracking application that can be accessed anywhere in the world, at any time, through the internet. There is no requirement to download any proprietary software, unlike many of their competitors. And in a clever move, customers can have access to their fleet via 'Visio' - which offers basic reporting information through an internet enabled smartphone/pda. This has been very positively received by all organisations where users that are not office based can have access to their fleet, even on the golf course!

Furthermore, international users going into Europe can now benefit from a new 'Bolt on 'tariff called 'My Europe'. This offers the customer 10MB of roamed data for only £12 per month.

Crystal Ball Sales Director Andrew Smith says "Our extensive research and knowledge acquired from our existing customer base over the last 4 years, shows that users should not exceed 10MB of data when roaming in mainland Europe. Therefore this tariff provides complete peace of mind at a fixed cost. This offers a huge opportunity to target international users where roaming costs have been traditionally very high and as a result uptake has been limited."

The attractive 'My Europe' 'Bolt On' is also available on 'freedom'.

Smith further comments, "Both 'freedom' and 'My Europe' are exciting propositions which are attracting a lot of attention, but we always knew that they would." "We've an excellent product range with exceptional functionality in place, that's backed up by a committed team, all of which certainly will be noticed."

Smith adds, "I don't really need to predict the future of this - some things you just know."

Written by Stuart Ramwell