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Crystal Ball Catches Crooks

Posted by: Martin Boffey

Date: 21-Dec-2010 21:43:00

21 December 2010 - source: Mobile News

Tracking service provider Crystal Ball has assisted police in convicting a criminal gang using its GPS tracking technology

Information recorded by Crystal Ball's tracking solution, fitted to help an employer monitor staff movements, has been vital in the prosecution of a criminal gang.

In total 18 people were found guilty in Leeds Crown Court for a spate of vehicle related crimes across Northern England.

Crystal Ball managing director Raj Singh said: "After a formal request from police, we were able to retrieve and provide precise journey and location information for a vehicle over a three month period which was very detailed and robust enough to withstand legal scrutiny and help obtain convictions."

According to former Detective Chief Superintendent Mick Gradwell the device could be used again in the future.

"To be able to obtain this level of detail from a tracking device over such a long period of time and through such a technically reliable system has major implications for tracking the movements of criminals and fighting crime."

Crystal Ball's applications work on popular GPS enabled smart phones including BlackBerrys and Nokias.

Written by Martin Boffey