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Smith predicts huge growth for Crystal Ball

Posted by: Martin Boffey

Date: 20-Jan-2010 15:41:00

20 January 2010

Former Sales Director of Vodafone Connect Ltd and former CEO of Anglia Telecom / Redstone Mobile, Andrew Smith, is looking to the future with Crystal Ball.

Smith, recently appointed as Sales Director, is responsible for establishing all sales channels to market. Crystal Ball is a web based tracking system which boasts a range of impressive and functional features, including a powerful handset viewing application. The tracking market in the UK today is estimated to be at only 15% penetration and all forecasts are predicting huge growth over the next few years. Smith was at Vodafone for 19 years, during which he was responsible for the In-Direct business and sees tracking in the UK market today at the same stage that mobile was in the early 90's. He says "all businesses now recognise the benefits of tracking and in conjunction with rising fuel prices, world recession and ever tightening legislation we will see growth to similar levels enjoyed by the mobile industry during the 90's".

He comments, "The traditional mobile and fixed line re-sellers are continually looking for new products and revenue streams". Crystal Ball is a perfect fit as it offers a range of products and tariffs with an unrivalled commission structure." Smith adds, "I'm also very excited by the launch of 'freedom', our no contract, no notice period customer proposition which has been specifically designed for those businesses who do not wish to enter into long term commitments. If I were a fortune teller I really would be telling the industry to grab this now - and we'll certainly be crossing their palms with a lot of silver!" "We have a number of strategic partners in place already, including Fone Logistics, and we're looking to target and develop other key partners."

With his impressive past record, Smith is now concentrating on the future, "where knowing is everything"

Written by Martin Boffey