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Crystal Ball Announces Three Major Vehicle Tracking Deals

Posted by: Martin Boffey

Date: 20-Apr-2011 21:39:00

20 April 2011 - source: IT Analysis (online)

Tracking services provider secures deals totalling £250,000 for its vehicle tracking systems.

Tracking services provider Crystal Ball has secured three major deals totalling £250,000 for its vehicle tracking systems.

The new agreements are with Strathclyde Partnership for Transport, the regional transport body for the west of Scotland, and Greater Manchester-based Willow Park Housing Trust and Adactus Housing Group.

They involve a total of more than 220 fleet vehicles being fitted with the technology.

The Strathclyde deal also involves the fitting of Crystal Ball's unique Driver ID system, which provides coded Dallas Keys for more than 100 employees and a dashboard reader so companies know who is driving a vehicle at all times.

The system ensures that companies have complete and accurate journey data against each driver and any non-assigned fleet vehicle.

With Driver ID, reports can be run for each driver, monitoring their activity across multiple vehicles.

The Crystal Ball vehicle tracking system feeds back live information, recording speed, journey time, distance and precise location.

Employers can also monitor the information in real time via their computer screen and it can be accessed anytime and anywhere in the world.

Raj Singh, managing director of Crystal Ball, based in Manchester, said: "Securing these deals with such significant clients is a testament to the quality and robustness of the range of products and services we offer.

"The system will allow these organisations to monitor their maintenance vehicle fleets more efficiently and effectively.

"Driver ID provides a simple yet highly effective means of collating accurate data, thereby dispensing with manual and easily altered records."

Vehicle tracking is among a suite of Crystal Ball products and applications, which help companies to ensure that their employees are driving responsibly and within the law.

These also include ground-breaking smartphone technology to complement the existing vehicle fleet management and tracking devices to improve employee monitoring and the protection of lone workers.

The systems have been developed to help businesses locate and monitor workers as part of companies' duty of care obligations and other important legislation, such as the Working Time Directive and Corporate Manslaughter.

Strathclyde Partnership for Transport works with 11 local education authorities to provide the 'biggest school run in Scotland', carrying around 50,000 pupils each day and also specialises in concessionary travel.

Willow Park is a housing association dedicated to transforming housing and improving the quality of life in Wythenshawe. It provides homes and services aimed at making a real difference in its neighbourhoods.

Adactus Housing Group members build, renovate and manage affordable housing for rent and sale. Together the Adactus Housing Group owns and manages 13,500 homes across 25 local authority areas in the North West of England.

Written by Martin Boffey