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PRO-Driver signs three-year mobile tracking deal with Crystal Ball

Posted by: Martin Boffey

Date: 17-May-2011 21:34:00

17 May 2011 - source: Fleet World (online)

Prestige car delivery and transfer company PRO-Driver has signed a deal with Crystal Ball to use the firm's mobile phone vehicle tracking and employee monitoring system.

The three-year agreement involves Manchester-based Crystal Ball's mobile technology being installed on 95 staff mobile phones.

This will allow PRO-Driver to monitor the location of vehicles and staff at all times, monitor all inbound and outbound calls in real time and ensure employees are using handsfree kits to make and receive calls whilst driving.

Unlike conventional vehicle-based tracking, the Crystal Ball mobile technology continues monitoring workers and their location after they have left a vehicle.

The system feeds back live information, recording vehicle speed, journey time, distance and precise location as well as monitoring incoming and outgoing mobile phone call and text information through a web-based system. It has a comprehensive reports suite and the information is held for three months on the system, which can also be downloaded and saved at any time.

Simon Johnson, general manager of PRO-Driver, said: 'Our rapid response team looks after dealer transfers, new and used vehicle deliveries, corporate deliveries and handovers and service loan cars for prestige vehicles across the UK and it is vital that we can monitor and trace both vehicles and staff at all times.

'Crystal Ball offers so much more than the system we previously used and gives both us and our customers an incredible amount of information and peace of mind as well as a higher level of service.'

Written by Martin Boffey