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SitexOrbis partners with Crystal Ball to launch innovative lone worker solution

Posted by: Adam Casey

Date: 28-Jan-2013 15:30:00

People and property protection specialists SitexOrbis and GPS tracking specialists Crystal Ball have teamed up to launch a new solution to protect lone workers in emergency situations. The solution comprises a new CrystalBall Code5 smartphone app backed by the SitexOrbis Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) emergency response service.

Should a lone worker in an emergency situation be unable to activate a panic alert manually on their smartphone, the CrystalBall Code5 smartphone app automatically escalates an Amber Alert status by calling the BS8484 accredited ARC after specified time. Or lone workers can manually activate a panic alert, even when the keypad is locked, by hitting a pre-defined hotkey.

The app then sends GPS positional updates to the ARC every 2 minutes. The location of the lone worker can then be revealed to an emergency response crew, if necessary, or the lone worker can use the function to determine their own location if they are lost.

An activated panic alarm can only be cancelled when the SitexOrbis ARC has established that the lone worker is safe. For further protection, the phone automatically re-dials SitexOrbis if the lone worker hangs up the call, the phone is switched off and then back on, or the battery is removed and re-inserted.

“The advantages and benefits to our customers are sizeable,” said David Foster, general manager of the ARC. “The partnership enables us to offer our customers a lone worker application for most smart phones on the market which in turn increases our opportunity to significantly grow our lone worker provision for our customers. This relationship ensures that we are always able to offer an application for the latest smart phone technology at very economical rates. We can also now offer mobile, vehicle and asset tracking to our customers at very competitive rates.”

Raj Singh, managing director at Crystal Ball added: “SitexOrbis were aware of our lone worker protection app for some time and considered it to be an innovative industry leader. They approached us last year to discuss tailoring this app to integrate it into their ARC service, and as a result CrystalBall Code5 was created as a bespoke solution for SitexOrbis within three months.

This partnership is testament to our understanding of the technology and the requirements of the lone worker industry. We remain passionate about the solutions we provide, and fully committed to supporting our collaboration with SitexOrbis for the future.”

Adam Casey

Written by Adam Casey

Adam is part of the Digital Marketing Team at Crystal Ball. He frequently blogs about the latest news and tips for running a productive and efficient mobile workforce.

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