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What is First Notification of Loss?

SmartCam Videos Screenshot on a desktop computer that highlights video recordings from the vehicles.


      • Although timing is key when reporting an accident, so is the level of information gathered at the scene. The quality of the information collected at FNOL is also imperative to the speed and success of the accident management process.
      • Accident footage can be shared with the claims centre in real-time as and when it is generated through the share facility within the SmartCam FNOL portal.
      • The footage generated by SmartCam as well as the metric data is very useful when investigating the circumstances of the incident, including the moments before, during and after the accident.
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First Notification of Loss FAQs

How do I provide my insurer with FNOL?

All videos generated by SmartCam are sent to the Crystal Ball system over the 3G mobile network and can be viewed within the admin portal and Manager App in real-time. Videos can then be shared immediately with third parties, including the broker/insurance company, using the Share facility. Multiple recipients can be entered if necessary as well as an expiry time/date at which the video will no longer be available to view. 

What event data can I provide my insurance company with?

The video footage itself can of course be provided to your insurance company, as explained above. The Crystal Ball system also generates event metrics, a graphical representation, identifying acceleration/braking, cornering, vertical motions, and the speed of the vehicle during the event. This data can be exported and provided to your insurance company to offer a deeper understanding of the incident. Historical journey data can also be exported and provided.

Can I be alerted when one of the vehicles is involved in a RTA?

SmartCam video alarms can be configured within the admin portal allowing administrators to be alerted when a new video is generated. Alarm triggers can include the level of severity the videos are categorised as, for example if administrators only wish to be alerted for high severity video events. 

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