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How does MobileGeoTag work?

  • field service management geotag

Real-time image & signature capture

Save time and administrative burden with signature capture and recording photographic evidence - live & on location

Photographic evidence for audit trails

Support duties associated with location visits / inspections, deliveries, maintenance work, barriers to entry, insurance claims, equipment / assets conditions, or occupancy of premises.

Signature capture to support audit

Collect signatures as possible receipt / collection of goods, or as authorisation / confirmation of inspections / claims. 

Mobile asset management tool

Can be used to record asset’s condition on-site and the data added to maintenance records for hire equipment. 

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How does MobileNFC Work?

One tap, multiple benefits

Crystal Ball’s MobileNFC adds powerful functionality to our MobileTrack Lite, Pro, and MobileLWP solutions, using the smartphone’s near field communication (NFC) technology to automate routine processes for field based personnel.

  • field service management map view

Pin-point accurate location data inside buildings

NFC tags positioned around the internal layout of a building provide accurate location updates of personnel when a tag is tapped 

Automates functionality on mobile solutions

automatically activates routine welfare check-ins with MobileLWP, and activates MobileGeoTag automatically on location 

Tag locations of company asset

adding MobileNFC to MobileGeoTag allows companies to tag the location of assets and record photographic evidence in-situ for their current condition and surroundings. 

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How does MobileMonitor Work?

  • field service management dashboard

Monitor Mobile Phone Activity in Real-time

real-time business intelligence on company smartphones allows management to assess productivity of mobile workforces, and react immediately to ensure all targets are met and calls correctly prioritised.

Greater control

full visibility of call activity by employees away from the office ensures targets and SLAs are achieved. 

Automate your billing

call duration data can be used for time billing against calls to specific numbers / clients. 

Lower mobile bills

quickly identify and act against unnecessary phone calls to business / private numbers, internationally dialed, and premium 08 numbers. 

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Why Do I Need Field Service Apps?

Bridging the Mobile Workforce Communication Gap

Our Field Service Management App suite is a set of 3 apps that help businesses running a mobile workforce to optimize their processes and improve customer service. These solutions are 3 separate apps comprising of MobileGeoTag, MobileNFC and MobileMonitor. Features & Benefits include:

  • Real-Time, Location, Time, & Date stamped images captured on the handset
  • Digital Signature Capture on the handset for Proof of Delivery
  • NFC Check-in for time and attendance on site 
  • Real-time monitoring of all inbound, outbound mobile call and SMS activity

Simplify business processes with NFC

Crystal Ball's Field Service Apps give you the data you need to fix issues on site faster, keep your customers and back office teams updated in real-time, plus save time and money documenting your progress as it happens.

  • Automate Lone Worker welfare sessions
  • Simple check-in for fast and easy time and attendance
  • Ask employees to perform tasks once they have tapped an NFC tag

For a full list of features download our
Field Service Apps Guide

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Field Service Management Apps Compared

MobileGeoTag*, MobileNFC*, & MobileMonitor

Mobile GeoTag Application


Proof of Delivery Signature Capture

Photos - Location, Time & Date tagged

Asset Management - Location, Time, Date tagged 

Mobile NFC Application


Time & Attendance Tags

Check-Point NFC Tags

Lone Worker Welfare Tags 

Question Tags

GeoTag Tags 

MobileMonitor Application


Real Time Call activity reports 

Real Time SMS activity reports

Receive Alerts based on Call Duration, Numbers Called, SMS Content sent/received 

Compatible with the following Mobile Operating Systems

Compatible Mobile Operating Systems 

Android 2.0+, Blackberry v5-7.1, Symbian s60 (3 & 5), Windows Phone v6.1 and 6.5 Professional
*Mobile GeoTag & Mobile NFC apps are available on handsets running Android 2.0+

Field Service Management App FAQs

What is GeoTagging?

Geotagging is the technical term of having your location, time and date information attached or tagged onto the following digital content: a photograph, digital signature, check-in updated or text note taken on a smartphone. 

What is NFC?

NFC or Near Field Communication is a form of communication that takes place between a NFC reader and an NFC tag. Most modern smart phones have NFC technology built in which allows Crystal Ball to build features into the system such as indoor check-ins for time and attendance and to initiate our lone worker welfare monitoring sessions.

Can I monitor inbound mobile calls?

Yes our mobile monitor app allows you to see in real-time both the inbound and outbound telephone number activity, the length of calls, missed calls, date and time of the calls. You can also make us of Alerts in order to be notified when for example calls are missed or premium rate numbers are called.

Get started from just £4 per handset per month


  • Mobile App - Included
  • System Users - Unlimited
  • Phone Support - Included
  • Email Support - Included

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  • Mobile App - Included
  • System Users - Unlimited
  • Phone Support - Included
  • Email Support - Included

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  • Mobile App - Included
  • System Users - Unlimited
  • Phone Support - Included
  • Email Support - Included

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Read how our Customers are benefiting from our Field Service Management Apps

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“Over the last few weeks we have noticed significantly more leaflet stands going out than before Crystal Ball was implemented.”

Rhian Jones - Office Manager
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“I would recommend Crystal Ball to similar businesses, having 3 different solutions in one place is much easier than jumping in and out of different systems.”

Stuart Simcox - Financial Director
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 “Crystal Ball has offered a tailored solution which is easy and straight forward to use.”

Darryl Smith - General Manager
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