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The top 10 business applications for remote workers

Posted by: Adam Casey Date: 12-Sep-2012 11:41:00

More people than ever before are utilising a work from home option, where it is appropriate and possible to do so. With the advent of cloud computing and remote access business applications it is now incredibly easy, and cost-effective, to do so. Here we review some of the best:

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Lone Worker Glossary of Terms

Posted by: Tom Atkinson Date: 20-Aug-2012 11:45:00

There are over 4 million lone workers in the UK who rely on their own intuition and skills to avoid any danger, or hazards, which may occur during their working day.

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Working on Cloud 9

Posted by: Adam Casey Date: 29-May-2012 10:12:00

In the world of Technology cloud computing is one of the buzz words of 2012. It is easy to understand why with Gartner predicting that the market will be worth $150 Billion by 2013 and Mimecast are predicting that 7/10 companies who are using cloud services will move new applications to the cloud, it is obvious the cloud is big business.

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