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Staying Safe: Vital Advice for Lone Workers

Posted by: Tara Singh Date: 28-Nov-2014 12:35:00

A TUC report states that 20,000 retail workers are physically attacked each year - CLICK TO TWEET

This statistic is even more frightening when we consider that retail didn’t even make the top six in a 2008 survey by the TUC looking at the different sectors where lone working was perceived as a major hazard.

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Lone Worker Glossary of Terms

Posted by: Tom Atkinson Date: 20-Aug-2012 11:45:00

There are over 4 million lone workers in the UK who rely on their own intuition and skills to avoid any danger, or hazards, which may occur during their working day.

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Another great resource for health and safety professionals

Posted by: Adam Casey Date: 26-Mar-2012 11:25:00

Health and safety Executives have a million and one things to keep abreast of in the ever- changing landscape that is the health and safety industry. So having access to a reliable online resource when you need to discover the latest industry news is always a bonus.

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