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SmartCam scoops Fleet World Honour for “Innovation in Telematics”

Posted by: Tara Singh

Date: 14-Feb-2018 15:59:03

Having recently returned from the industry renowned Fleet World Honours 2018 at one of the foremost private members’ club in the world; The Royal Automobile Club, Crystal Ball were beyond excited to be returning with a second award for “Innovation in Telematics”.

Tara Singh receives an award on behalf of the Crystal Ball team at Fleet World 2018 Honours.

With SmartCam sweeping this prestigious award for a second year, we feel it is a fitting testament to the cutting-edge technology and innovative functionality SmartCam offers. There is currently no other telematics solution on the market which integrates all the components SmartCam does, all of which are integral to running an efficient and safe fleet of any size.

New figures last year published by Co-Op insurance showed that providing dash cam footage as evidence in insurance claims had doubled compared to the previous year. Video footage combined with integrated tracking provides further data, such as speed which can be used to analyse the event, quite often in a much timelier manner. Journey data along with video footage generated by SmartCam can be provided to insurers to assist with insurance claims. A brand new tool recently developed to further aid insurers when determining accountability is Event Metrics. Metrics provide a graphical representation of the gravitational/rotational forces being experienced by the vehicle leading up to and including the event. This technical data can be used to obtain a clearer understanding of the incident.

SmartCam also incorporates daily vehicle checks within the solution, these are designed and customised by the company administrator within the Crystal Ball admin portal, therefore customisable for different types of vehicles within the fleet.

Fleet World Honours 2018 transparent trophy.

Alastair People, DVSA Chief Executive states that regardless of the sector you operate in or the size of fleet, the safety of the vehicles is vitally important. Vehicles must be maintained in a roadworthy condition to keep road users safe. With this in mind SmartCam’s vehicle checklist feature can be considered one of its most important to a fleet manager/operator.

Many of SmartCam’s features have been developed to improve road safety and help keep Britain’s roads a safe place. With speed limits being one of the biggest contributors to road safety in the UK it is integral that drivers are aware of them and adhere to them. Incorporated within the SmartCam device is road speed data, this displays the speed limit of the road the driver is travelling on and audibly warns the driver should they exceed this. Drivers are also warned when approaching fixed speed cameras, helping to preserve a clean license.

Raj Singh, Managing Director comments:

“Winning the Fleet World Honour for “Innovation in Telematics” in 2017 was a great achievement and platform for SmartCam, however succeeding a second year on the bounce has exceeded expectations and blown us away! Crystal Ball are elated to have another award in the bag and are determined to use this to continue to grow and develop our ever expanding and diverse range of solutions.”

Fleet World editor Alex Grant comments:

“SmartCam builds on the proven FleetTracker system with a raft of useful functions for fleets, including driver behaviour alerts and vehicle checklists. An all-in-one solution, the built-in 3G HD camera generates videos which are sent to the admin portal and can be viewed immediately, helping to cut claims and protect from scams. It’s an unmatched product for fleets reflected by a second award.”

Tara Singh

Written by Tara Singh

Tara is part of the Digital Marketing Team at Crystal Ball. She frequently blogs about the latest news and tips for running a productive and efficient mobile workforce.

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