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Enterprise Mobility: 5 Infographics to bring you up to speed

Posted by: Adam Casey

Date: 08-Nov-2012 08:51:00

With sales of smartphones and tablets about to pip the 1 billion mark in 2013 and with two thirds of the mobile workforce predicted to be using a mobile smart device in the workplace by 2016. 

We thought we'd provide our readers with a visual overview of the "enterprise mobility" landscape through five fantastic infographics from some of the industry's experts. 


1. Kicking things off is this great infographic from xCube labs which highlights the history of Enterprise Mobility and throws in some insights from businesses on how they intend to manage their changes. 

Enterprise Mobility Infographic

Infographic by Enterprise mobililty consultants at [x]cube LABS


2. Veracode's infographic highlights the security implications effecting businesses by the increase of the BYOD (Bring your own device) trend!

 Why You Should Care About Mobile Security

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3. Which leads on nicely to this infographic from Symphony Telca which breaks down the different areas that a business needs to consider when looking to implement an enterprise mobility solution.


4. This infographic from VisageMobile looks at how companies will have a strategy in place to manage the growing costs of all this mobile data usage.


5. Finally PGI's infographic does a great job of highlighting some of the benefits SMBs can enjoy from cloud mobility business solutions.

Cloud Mobility = Power for SMBs
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Has your company embraced the workforce mobility movement? Leave a comment below and let us know how your business is embracing workforce mobility. What business apps are you're currently using and what impact have your seen from implementing them?

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Adam Casey

Written by Adam Casey

Adam is part of the Digital Marketing Team at Crystal Ball. He frequently blogs about the latest news and tips for running a productive and efficient mobile workforce.

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