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The top 10 business applications for remote workers

Posted by: Adam Casey

Date: 12-Sep-2012 11:41:00

A man sitting on his phone on stairs with 10 of the most important business apps above his head.

More people than ever before are utilising a work from home option, where it is appropriate and possible to do so. With the advent of cloud computing and remote access business applications it is now incredibly easy, and cost-effective, to do so. Here we review some of the best:

1. GoToMyPC
This piece of software provides remote access without needing to physically download the software to your machine but instead is downloaded to the server that will receive the remote access requests. Fully supporting Mac and Windows it's also highly encrypted and so safe for using and sharing files.

2. LogMeIn
This application has a great choice of features however the free version is more than ample for basic remote access required. A popular choice as it works with a number of different platforms and works with Windows, Mac and iOS.

3. GoToAssist
This piece of kit is particularly good for support functions, and even has distinct software for support teams. It will allow you to draw reports and analysis on the effectiveness of the support given.

4. Netviewer
Netviewer offers remote access to platforms and is particularly good for organising and sharing online meetings and webinars, connecting remote workers to each other.

5. RemotePC
This software allows remote access for most platforms and with a number of helpful features and is able to be used even when the computer is switched off. Mac, Windows and iOS compatible.

6. Google Docs
Google Docs allows documents and files to be shared allowing remote access for the homeworker when access to a centralised system is not required.

7. Dropbox
Dropbox works in a similar way to Google Docs and is a useful way of sharing files remotely, if access to a platform isn't required.

8. Yuuguu
This application works through the web and so there is no need to download software to either the server or the laptop or pc that requires the remote access. With a number of features it also allows shared remote access with up to 30 colleagues.

9. Citrix
Citrix is well-known and used piece of cloud computing software that is suitable for remote access at home and also providing overall software for the office. It hosts multiple features and is conversant with many platforms.

10. Techinline
This application doesn't require software to be downloaded and boasts a variety of features, including enabling chat sessions for IT support.

Guest Publisher:Jon Smith is an EMEA e-Marketing Specialist for Insight UK a leading provider of IT products and services including Insight Cloud.

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Adam Casey

Written by Adam Casey

Adam is part of the Digital Marketing Team at Crystal Ball. He frequently blogs about the latest news and tips for running a productive and efficient mobile workforce.

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