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20 Weird and Wonderful Delivery Service Startup Ideas

Posted by: Tara Singh

Date: 12-Sep-2014 09:00:00

A purple rectangle with whacky drawings on it with text that reads ideas for delivery services.

While researching existing delivery services for our recent blog post - "26 awesome delivery services you never knew you needed - until now", we came across quite a few social media updates from people requesting, and in some cases begging for some pretty wacky delivery services.

Plus with the recent trend developing in distruptive innovations in the home delivery industry (See - Uber, Amazon PrimeAir or Google + Uber) there's a pretty good chance that some of these services could be coming to a front door near you, sooner than you think!

Which of these weird and wonderful delivery services get's your vote?

#1. Emergency black-eyed pea delivery service - Tweet to Vote

#2. Pick n Mix Tweet to Vote

#3. Pizza & Sweatpants - Tweet to Vote

#4. Eyebrows & Nails - Tweet to Vote


#5. Bloody Mary - Tweet to Vote

#6. Hugs - Tweet to Vote

#7. Shoulder Rub - Tweet to Vote

#8. Hot Guy Foot Massaging Cookie Delivery Service - Tweet to Vote

#9. Champagne & Pedicure - Tweet to Vote

#10. Sushi, Bloody Mary & Swimming Pool - Tweet to Vote

#11. Get Well Packs - Tweet to Vote

#12. Slush Puppies - Tweet to Vote

#13. Emergency Toilet Paper - Tweet to Vote

#14. Headphones -  Tweet to Vote

#15. Nappies - Tweet to Vote

#16. Painkillers - Tweet to Vote

#17. Full English Breakfast - Tweet to Vote

#18. Fireplace, Roast Dinner, The Perfect Wife & Rom Coms - Tweet to Vote

#19. Wine & Cheese - Tweet to Vote

#20. Coffee & Donuts - Tweet to Vote

Well that's some of our favourites covered, but we're bound to have missed some crackers. If you have a delivery service idea missing from your life. Feel free to list it in the comments below. :) 

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Tara Singh

Written by Tara Singh

Tara is part of the Digital Marketing Team at Crystal Ball. She frequently blogs about the latest news and tips for running a productive and efficient mobile workforce.

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