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Multi Award-Winning 
Fleet Tracking and
3G HD Dash Cam

What does SmartCam include?

3G HD fleet dash camera

3G HD Video

SmartCam provides HD 1080p video recording quality. Videos are uploaded to the admin portal using 3G and viewable immediately

fleet dash camera with GPS fleet tracking


At the heart of SmartCam is Crystal Ball’s integrated GPS FleetTracker solution used by thousands
of SME’s in the UK

fleet dash camera with android operating system

Android OS

SmartCam is a future-proof Android smart device with a 5 inch touch screen display, providing key functionality through the SmartCam App 

fleet dash camera with vehicle checklists

Vehicle Checklists

HSE recommend daily vehicle checks for company vehicles. SmartCam provides paperless vehicle checks ensuring compliance 

fleet dash camera with speed camera data

Speed Camera Data

SmartCam safeguards  employees valuable driving licenses by warning drivers with visual/audible alerts when approaching fixed speed cameras 

fleet dash camera with Driver Behaviour

Driver Behaviour

SmartCam improves driver behaviour by warning the driver with visual/audible alerts if they exceed the speed limit threshold set by company administrators

fleet dash camera with Driver ID

Driver ID

Employees can log into SmartCam with their username and pincode in order to identify themselves as the driver and verify business /private mileage 

fleet dash camera with Bluetooth Car Kit

Bluetooth Car Kit

SmartCam provides a bluetooth enabled hands-free application allowing users to make and receive calls by pairing their mobile to the SC700 device

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Why Do I Need SmartCam?

Protect Against Insurance Claims 

SmartCam's forward facing HD video camera can provide invaluable evidence in respect of any insurance claims.

  • When generated videos provide First Notice of Loss (FNOL) within seconds to allow for rapid management of claims and controlling cost in the event of “at-fault” accidents
  • Reduce insurance premiums and protect your no-claims bonus
  • Protect yourself against crash for cash scams

Assess & Improve Driver Behaviour

SmartCam offers Road Speed Data and Speed Camera Data on-board the device, alerting drivers if they are exceeding the
speed limit or approaching fixed speed cameras.

  • Improve driver behaviour to significantly increase fuel savings and reduce unnecessary vehicle wear and tear
  • Help safeguard employees driving licenses by
    minimising the risk of driving penalties and fines
  • Identify, manage and improve poor driver behaviour with
    event-generated videos and comprehensive journey data 

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View video events immediately

Crystal Ball Admin Portal

Event-generated and manual videos are uploaded to the
admin portal over the mobile network immediately after
they are recorded. Event-generated videos are produced when the accelerometer on-board the device detects significant changes in g-force. Once received, videos are categorised by Event Type; Low, Medium, High Severity or Manual.

  • Company administrators have the ability to share
    videos immediatley with third parties
  • Important videos can be immediately downloaded
    and saved for future reference
  • Alarms can be configured to alert company administrators when certain event type videos have been recorded and if videos have been recorded during specific time frames

Manager App

Videos can also be immediately viewed within the Manager App, Crystal Ball's mobile device friendly version of the admin portal, ideal for senior management and directors.

  • View videos immediately once they are recorded remotely from any smart device
  • Gain access to real-time information when away from your desk
  • Flag, share or remove videos remotely from your smart device

Driver Vehicle Checklist

Vehicle Regulations

  • HSE states that by law every employer has a duty
    of care to ensure company vehicles are maintained
    in an efficient state, in efficient working order and
    in good repair. Failure to comply may result in serious implications to businesses
  • Daily vehicle checks should be conducted by
    employees in order to ensure vehicle 
    roadworthiness, compliance and driver safety
  • Drivers must be able to report promptly any defects
    or symptoms of defects that could adversely affect
    the safe operation of vehicles. 


How does it work?

  • SmartCam provides paperless vehicle checklists eliminating tiresome and expensive manual processes 
  • Once a vehicle check is completed and submitted the form is sent to the Crystal Ball admin portal in real-time 
    allowing Fleet Managers/Business Owners to view immediately
  • Simple and easy to use, checks are separated into the relevant categories
  • Checklists can be bespoked by company administrators to include any questions required
  • Any defects identified by the driver will be highlighted on the submitted form for Fleet Managers to quickly and easily pinpoint and address

SmartCam FAQ's

Does SmartCam also track the vehicle?

Yes, SmartCam integrates Crystal Ball’s FleetTracker solution, an established gps fleet tracking system used by thousands of SME’s and local government in the UK today. You can login to our web based admin portal and view the locations of your vehicles on our mapping interface, play back journeys, setup alarms/alerts and download historical journey or event reports, amongst other powerful functionality.

Are incidents automatically recorded?

Yes, when the vehicle is in journey SmartCam’s integrated accelerometer detects significant changes in g-force to generate video events. These are then categorised into Low, Medium or High Severity events dependent upon the level of g-force detected. SmartCam also provides a feature allowing users to manually record videos as and when required. SmartCam will not generate videos for example when a vehicle is parked and the ignition is off and otherwise where no significant g-force has been detected. 

Can videos be viewed in real-time?

Yes, videos are sent to the Crystal Ball system over the mobile network and viewable within the admin portal and Manager App in real-time, unlike most dashcams available today which do not support mobile connectivity and only record videos to the SD card on the device. 

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what's included with the fleet dash camera?

*Paperless Vehicle Checklists Included for a Limited Time Only

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